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Quote of the day: Blaise Pascal on man and the universe

‘Man is only a reed, the most frail of nature, but a reed that thinks.  It is not the case that the whole universe is armed to annihilate him; a vapor, a drop of water is enough to kill him. … Continue reading

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‘The Christian answer to atheist scientism’ by Raniero Cantalamessa

The Christian answer to atheist scientism by Raniero Cantalamessa This is a long article but well worth your time.

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‘Dawkins shows it’s less about atheism, and more about hate’

Dawkins shows it’s less about atheism, and more about hate Prof. Dawkins, the prominent anti-Catholic bigot, has posted a comment on his website that reveals that his attacks on Pope Benedict and the Catholic Church are less to do with … Continue reading

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Has Britain become a nation of “jobsworths” and wimps?

Compare this shocking account: Boss walks through police cordon and grabs ‘bomb’ to prove it’s just bag of old clothes and is arrested under the Terrorism Act to the praise rightfully heaped upon Ulsterbus chief, the late Werner Heubeck, for carrying … Continue reading

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The BBC page on C.S. Lewis (includes sound recordings of Lewis’ voice)

It can be found here and is well worth perusing.  If you scroll down the page to here you can listen to rare recordings of Lewis’ voice.

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