Adulterous U.S. televangelist Rev. Marcus Lamb plays the victim

A prominent televangelist is now playing the victim and moaning that some people have threatened to reveal his adultery and marital infidelity unless he gives them $7.5 million, necessitating him finally coming clean and confessing his sin after many years of concealing it.  “They are trying to take our pain and turn it to their gain,” said the self-serving Rev. Marcus Lamb. 

Of course, televangelist Lamb, if you had publicly confessed your sin and repented of it all those years ago, and placed yourself under the discipline of a group of church elders, no one would have had anything to hold against you and this wouldn’t have happened.  But such public confession would have affected your bottom line, i.e. money givings to your “ministry,” and that would never have done.  So you chose to perform a cover-up instead.

Well, now your “sin has found you out” so kindly stop moaning about it.  You see, the Bible was right after all.

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