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Afghan Christian to go to trial on Sunday for his faith

Afghan Christian to go to trial on Sunday for his faith Kabul, Afganistan – An Afghan national, in prison since May because of his religion, will be put on tried this Sunday.  However, he has been denied legal counsel.  Local sources … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin and her foul-mouthed brood

Sarah Palin’s daughter uses homophobic slurs on Facebook to defend her mother’s TV show Willow Palin reacted with fury to the comments, branding the poster, named as Tre, a ‘f**got’ and ‘so gay’. Tre, who is believed to have gone … Continue reading

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Cannabis-crazed druggie murders policeman after health services scaled back his treatment

Cannabis-crazed schizophrenic free to murder policeman after care in the community scaled back his treatment Cannabis user Tennyson Obih was jailed for life last March after he was found guilty of murdering PC Jon Henry in Luton in June 2007. … Continue reading

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Did Hitler commission Nazi flying saucers? Of course not but it’s a great story!

[This is almost certainly rubbish but, for me at least, it makes an irresistible story!] Hitler’s secret flying saucer: Did the Führer plan to attack London and New York in UFOs? It is claimed that Hitler’s scientists designed a UFO-style aircraft – and … Continue reading

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Former militant atheist state still has problems with tolerance of religious groups

The vice-chair of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom criticized Russia’s “arbitrary” and “heavy-handed” suppression of faith groups.

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Robert A. Delfino on Christian physicalism and personal identity

Christian Physicalism and Personal Identity by Robert A. Delfino [I]n the final analysis, it turns out that nonreductive physicalism is not a very attractive position for Christians.  This is because it puts out of reach the hope of all Christians, to … Continue reading

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Science, scientism and the inescapability of metaphysics

Science and the Inescapability of Metaphysics by Robert A. Delfino

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Why methodological naturalism should be abandoned in science

Replacing Methodological Naturalism by Robert A. Delfino The time is ripe . . . to revisit the issue of naturalism.  In this paper I focus on methodological naturalism with the goal of demonstrating why the scientific community should abandon it … Continue reading

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The secular double standard at work again: George Soros forgiven, Pope Benedict not at all

Soros Forgiven, Pope Not So Much The media are aghast at Glenn Beck’s largely accurate account of George Soros’ early years.  Reads the New York Daily News’ altogether typical headline: “Is Glenn Beck an anti-Semite?  Fox host slammed by Anti-Defamation … Continue reading

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Spanish state funds aggressive secularist forum planning to silence Christians

Spanish State funds aggressive secularist forum planning to silence the Church The government of the Spanish region of Catalonia and the city of Barcelona funded an aggressive secular forum that coincided with Pope Benedict’s visit. According to the Spanish pro-family … Continue reading

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Professor warns Spain against a ‘secular Inquisition’

Professor warns Spain against a ‘secular Inquisition’ Colombian professor and columnist Juan José García Posada wrote on November 8 that a “ferocious secularist trend” has re-emerged in a country still dealing with the wounds of a deadly and fractious civil war … Continue reading

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Catholic journalist receives torture, death threats for pro-life letter in secular, ‘tolerant’ Holland

Catholic journalist receives torture, death threats for pro-life letter in liberal Holland Lifesite News reports that Mariska Orbán de Haas,  a Dutch Catholic pro-life journalist, has ‘received hundreds of death threats and more than ten threats of torture.  Her ‘crime’ … Continue reading

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