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If you want to know what Kazakhstan is really like, read this great Hitchens travelogue

The dictator with a Royal warrant: Why HAS Prince Andrew been to Kazakhstan six times in seven years? by Peter Hitchens

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World’s tallest (and most kitsch?) Jesus statue completed in Poland

World’s tallest and surely ugliest Jesus statue completed  Why is it that Christians must make great public displays of the gauche and the kitsch?  Usually it’s the Protestant fundies who go in for such garish displays but in this case it’s … Continue reading

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John Grisham’s ‘can’t be bothered’ attitude is an insult to his fellow authors

‘There are mistakes in this book . . . as I continue to loathe research.’ ~ John Grisham, in his latest thriller The Confession. One thinks of all the writers, both aspiring and established, who spend countless research hours Googling and consulting reference books, … Continue reading

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Israel charges imam with inciting violence against Pope Benedict

Israeli authorities have charged a Palestinian imam with inciting hatred against Pope Benedict XVI.  One wonders if they would have done the same if the inciter had been an ultra-Orthodox rabbi.

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Catholic Church’s innovative “nightclub in a crypt” in Rome

The Catholic church in Rome is winning back young people with a nightclub in the crypt of the Basilica di San Carlo al Corso, complete with a beer and wine bar. More power to your elbow, Fr. Mirilli!

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Has there ever been a more immature 17-year old than Miley Cyrus?

Surely not.  She also needs to learn the meaning of “trying too hard.”  Way, way too hard.

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Books and authors from the last, best West: British Columbia

This site provides extensive reference information for books and authors pertaining to British Columbia, Canada: BC Book World

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