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Lord Carey: We’re ashamed of Christmas in these politically correct times

Former Archbishop Lord Carey: We’re ashamed of Christmas in these politically correct times Lord Carey said that Christmas cards are censored, school nativity plays stripped of Christian content and Christmas decorations banned in the campaign to block the festival out of … Continue reading

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“Dawkins demonstrates again that his intolerance knows no bounds”

What is Richard Dawkins getting upset about these days?  Middle Eastern conflicts?  Starving children?  Global warming?  Ending world poverty? No, none of these things.  In fact, Richard has chosen to get on his high horse and crusade on behalf of … Continue reading

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Twelve quick tips to search Google like an expert

12 Quick Tips To Search Google Like An Expert

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Pope Benedict XVI on institutions, spontaneous new beginnings, and authentic faith

‘It is sad that there are what you might call professional Catholics who make a living on their Catholicism, but in whom the spring of faith flows only faintly, in a few scattered drops.  We must really make an effort to … Continue reading

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Book Review: ‘The Valley of the Fox’ by Joseph Hone

‘The Valley of the Fox’ by Joseph Hone, Secker & Warburg, 1982 The main protagonist in this unusual novel, Hone’s series character Peter Marlow, has retired from his troubling life of espionage and married a young widow named Laura whose anthropologist husband was tragically … Continue reading

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Happy St. Andrew’s Day everyone!

Google is celebrating it: Even Hillary Clinton is celebrating it.  In her part of the world they even perform an unusual ceremony today called ‘The kirkin’ o’ the tartan’!

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George W. Bush “shamelessly peddling my book” at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church

Former President George W. Bush says he went to Saddleback Church with the intention of “shamelessly peddling my book.”  It’s disgusting that Rick Warren should have asked him to do so in the first place, and then asked members of his … Continue reading

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This is why diplomats and journalists don’t choose popes

Because they’re hopeless at it.  Diplomatic correspondence published by an Italian newspaper reveals that U.S. embassy officials, handicapping the 2005 conclave that elected Pope Benedict XVI, practically ruled out the election of the ultimate victor, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.  Among the candidates … Continue reading

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Understanding the Christian liturgical year: a guide for Protestants

As John Shore explains: Since ancient times, Christians have used the Christian calendar (also called the liturgical year) to orient themselves to the two most significant seasons in the yearly Christian cycle of time: Christmas and Easter.  Within such a … Continue reading

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Iranian Christian pastor sentenced to death by hanging for ‘apostasy’ from Islam

Iran Court: ‘Pastor To Be Executed By Hanging’ TEHRAN, IRAN (BosNewsLife) – A detained pastor of a major network of Christian house churches in Iran will be executed by hanging for “apostasy”, or abandoning Islam, according to translated court documents … Continue reading

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‘What the New Atheists don’t see’ by Theodore Dalrymple, atheist

What the New Atheists Don’t See: To regret religion is to regret Western civilization by Theodore Dalrymple The curious thing about these [New Atheist] books [of Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and Daniel Dennett] is that the authors often appear to … Continue reading

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Britain now arresting 15-year olds for insulting Islam

British Teen Charged After Facebook Posting of Her Burning Qur’an The London Guardian yesterday reported that a 15-year old girl from a town near Birmingham has been arrested on suspicion of inciting religious hatred after she posted on Facebook a … Continue reading

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Scottish government turns Christian Christmas into secular ‘Sexmas’

‘Sexmas’ advice offends Scottish churches The Rev. Alan Falconer of the Church of Scotland’s St. Machar’s Cathedral in Aberdeen said, “This would not be appropriate at all.  This detracts from the festival for it to be classified in this way.” … Continue reading

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Martin Luther on Richard Dawkins and the New Atheists

‘Hence it is a poor and miserable thing that this rabble of sophists opposes [the Gospel].  For what do these poor bats hope to accomplish with their petty flappings?  Let them come!  By the grace of God they have no true … Continue reading

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Not exactly surprising: cyber-bully Raphael Golb blames everyone else for his conviction

Raphael Golb, son of Dead Sea Scrolls controversialist Norman Golb, is now blaming everyone else for his bizarre, nasty and illegal behaviour: Trying to dig oneself out of a hole: Raphael Golb posts his appeal online Acclaimed Scrolls scholar Robert Cargill … Continue reading

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A short, biblical summary of why fundamentalists are wrong about “the Rapture”

. . . can be found here: Why I Want to Be “Left Behind”: How Rapturists Misread Jesus’ Words by Michael Barber

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The next time you read an “independent” book review on Amazon . . .

. . . bear this in mind: Amateur book-reviewing on Amazon becomes vicious free-for-all as rival publishers accused of hijacking system Rival publishers are accused of hijacking the system of supposedly independent verdicts from customers to praise their own volumes … Continue reading

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Former atheist who became a Christian now feeds drunks, street people and prostitutes

Good Sorts: Brendon Green Brendon Green is a former atheist who found God and like many Christians he’s trying to make the world a better place. Green’s weapon of choice is the humble sausage which he hands out free in … Continue reading

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Remembering Henryk Górecki, 1933-2010

Sorrowful songs by Richard A. Kauffman Górecki’s most important choral work is Miserere (1981), written for an eight-part a cappella chorus.  It was a response to the events of March 1981, when government militia attacked a demonstration by members of Rural … Continue reading

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Rick Warren “interviewing” George W. Bush: the blind leading the blind

Rick Warren to Interview Bush at Saddleback Former president George W. Bush is scheduled to make an appearance at Saddleback Church in Southern California on Monday for an interview with Pastor Rick Warren. According to the news report, ‘The event, … Continue reading

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Christopher Howse reviews Philip Pullman’s ‘The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ’

Philip Pullman: Christ as Judas, in the Jeffrey Archer genre “This is a story,” it says in big letters of gold on the cover.  That is no excuse.  Suppose a novelist writes a story about the Princess of Wales in … Continue reading

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On collecting first editions

Collecting first editions is a kind of madness says Christopher Howse

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Quote of the day: St. John Ogilvie, Scottish Catholic martyr, recently painted by Peter Howson

‘In all that concerns the king, I will be slavishly obedient; if any attack his temporal power, I will shed my last drop of blood for him.  But in the things of spiritual jurisdiction which a king unjustly seizes I … Continue reading

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The eyes of Scottish martyr St. John Ogilvie, as portrayed by Peter Howson

A close-up of the eyes of St. John Ogilvie, in the recently unveiled painting of his martyrdom, by Peter Howson. More: More on Peter Howson, painter of Scottish martyr St. John Ogilvie   Pic of the day: ‘Legion’ by Peter Howson … Continue reading

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Three good reasons why you should read books, lots and lots of them

1. Because this might happen: 2. Because your brain will function at a higher cognitive level.  In other words, you’ll get smarter.  3. Because it’s highly enjoyable – especially the more you do it.  The more you read, the more discriminating you become … Continue reading

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