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Larry Hurtado on diversity, ‘lost gospels’ and competing ‘Christianities’

People today sometimes refer to writings “left out” of the New Testament or refused entry, as if there were many texts vying to be included with the writings that came to be the NT.  There were a few that seem … Continue reading

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Quote of the day: wise words from an atheist

‘Ignorance and incivility from athiests is not the solution to ignorance and incivility from theists.’ ~ Eryk Salvaggio, atheist

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An Irish ghost story for Halloween

Lord Tyrone and Lady Beresford were born with the names John Le Poer and Nichola Sophia Hamilton.  The children were orphans and were raised by an atheist guardian who was determined to convert the children to his atheist views. The … Continue reading

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Kevin Myers, atheist, on celebrity-worship, secular gods, and Wayne Rooney

On the one hand, I simply don’t believe in God, because I am intellectually unable to; but on the other, I prefer a society which generally respects and reveres a god, and the organised system of pieties and rules that … Continue reading

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Australian atheists object to Christians praying

Faithful flock to pray at Mary MacKillop website Since Sister Mary MacKillop was canonised a fortnight ago, the website of the Sisters of St Joseph has attracted more than 6000 prayers. “We actually don’t pray to Mary MacKillop.  We pray … Continue reading

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The full text of the British bishops’ letter opposing coercive secularism

SIR – On Monday the High Court is to be asked to rule on whether Christians are “fit people” to adopt or foster children – or whether they will be excluded, regardless of the needs of children, from doing so because of … Continue reading

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Bishops speak out against militant secularism suppressing Christians’ rights in Britain

Gay rights laws are ‘a danger to our freedoms’: Bishops speak out after Christian couple barred from fostering children because of their views on homosexuality go to court Senior clerics spoke out ahead of a High Court ‘clash of rights’ … Continue reading

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At least 7 Iraqi Catholics killed in hostage rescue from Iraq church — updated several times

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – At least seven Iraqi Catholics died on Sunday when police stormed a Baghdad church where gunmen were holding dozens of parishioners hostage, threatening to kill them if al Qaeda prisoners were not released. Between seven and 10 … Continue reading

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More on celebrity atheist Stephen Fry’s outrageous remarks

In an attempt to stand by Stephen Fry, and perhaps divert some of the wave of condemnation that have greeted Fry’s irrational and seemingly bitter (or even envious?) comments about heterosexual sex, the journalist who interviewed Fry for gay magazine Attitude, states: … Continue reading

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Christians in Britain barred from fostering children because they disapprove of homosexuality

Christian couple barred from fostering children over their views on homosexuality get their day in court Eunice and Owen Johns, from Derby, will challenge their council’s stance on the suitability of foster carers with religious beliefs about sexuality at the … Continue reading

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Happy Reformation Day!

‘The Protestant Reformation began when a Catholic monk rediscovered a Catholic doctrine in a Catholic book.  The monk, of course, was Luther; the doctrine was justification by faith; and the book was the Bible.’ ~ Peter Kreeft

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‘The Coming’ by R. S. Thomas

The Coming by R. S. Thomas And God held in his hand A small globe.  Look, he said. The son looked.  Far off, As through water, he saw A scorched land of fierce Colour.  The light burned There; crusted buildings … Continue reading

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Celebrity atheist Stephen Fry criticised for irrational claims about heterosexual sex

  ‘Women don’t really like sex’: The extraordinary outburst from openly-gay Stephen Fry that has stunned feminists by DAILY MAIL REPORTER Twitter fanatic Fry, 53, claims that women only use sex to manipulate men into having a relationship with them. Fry appeared … Continue reading

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Halloween, evangelicals, and the macabre

Halloween, Evangelicals, and the Macabre by John W. Morehead In regards to [Halloween], most evangelical churches will offer alternatives to church members, usually called “fall festivals,” since even using the term “Halloween” is frowned upon.  At fall festivals kids will … Continue reading

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Have you ever taken your Bible to work?

Take your Bible to work day It’s take your Bible to work day today.  Bus driver Graham Ledger says he would be diminished without his Bible and that taking it to work is a conversation starter. Christians more wary of … Continue reading

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American military spending, their budget deficit & the crucifixion of Christ

Bombs, Cookies And The Cross: A Christian View On Military Spending by Shane Claiborne As a Christian, I am convinced in the power of non-violence by the greatest nonviolent act in human history: Jesus dying on the cross, even for … Continue reading

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Hitchens on Keith Richards (again), Tony Blair & arrested development

Wizened Keith was right about this simpering groupie After my attack on Keith Richards last week, a grudging word of praise for the wizened old geezer. When Mr Richards tumbled out of a tree and hurt himself some years ago, … Continue reading

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Should Oprah Winfrey be sued for false advertising?

Actor who played Rolfe the Nazi angry he was left out of ‘The Sound of Music’ reunion The hills were alive when ‘The Sound of Music’ cast reunited on Oprah’s chat show this week, but one cast member wasn’t invited.

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Where are the fundamentalist condemnations of Clint McCance’s hate speech?

Where are the fundamentalist condemnations of Clint McCance’s disgusting hate speech?  Their silence is deafening.  When one of their own misbehaves, this is the fundamentalist leaders’ response:

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Is modern fiction just not up to scratch? Are book editors not doing their jobs?

Is modern fiction just not up to scratch? by Paul Moss — My response to this article: YES!  And AMEN!  And thrillers are among the worst of the bloated bunch!  The latest Stephen King novel . . . I rest … Continue reading

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[Appalling] Quote of the day: Christopher Hitchens on how his writing comes before his children

‘My life is my writing . . .  my children come later.’ ~ Christopher Hitchens Which prompts the question: is Richard Dawkins wrong and it’s actually atheism that leads to child abuse?

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Clint McCance: the ugly face of American fundamentalism

By now almost everyone has heard about Clint McCance, the elected school board official and professing Christian who posted on Facebook that he wanted gay teenagers to commit suicide or die of AIDS, and who would drive his own children … Continue reading

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Evolution a litmus test in U.S. election — is Canada next?

Evolution a litmus test in U.S. election.  Is Canada next? by Douglas Todd — Personally, I don’t think so.  Canadians are very concerned not to follow U.S. political fashions.  Also, ongoing ideological conflict such as the evolution vs. creationism war in America … Continue reading

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‘The Country Clergy’ by R. S. Thomas

The Country Clergy by R. S. Thomas   I see them working in old rectories By the sun’s light, by candlelight, Venerable men, their black cloth A little dusty, a little green With holy mildew.  And yet their skulls, Ripening … Continue reading

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‘The Woman’ by R. S. Thomas

The Woman by R. S. Thomas So beautiful — God himself quailed at her approach: the long body curved like the horizon.  Why had he made her so?  How would it be, she said, leaning towards him, if instead of … Continue reading

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