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Witnessing to Presbyterians

Witnessing to Presbyterians

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E.J. Carnell on fundamentalism

‘Fundamentalism is a lonely position.  It has cut itself off from the general stream of culture, philosophy and ecclesiastical tradition.  This accounts, in part, for its robust pride.  Since it is no longer in union with the wisdom of the … Continue reading

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What you can buy me for Christmas: a Monticello bookstand

A Monticello bookstand:

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I’d like to live in this tree house

Click on the image to enlarge it.

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Christian theology in the nineteenth & twentieth centuries: an annotated bibliography by Jim Beilby

Christian theology in the nineteenth & twentieth centuries: an annotated bibliography by Jim Beilby Very useful because of the brief annotations.

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After John Henry Newman is G.K. Chesterton next?

Dr. William Oddie thinks so: After John Henry Newman, who next?  My answer is that it can only be Gilbert Keith Chesterton

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Why is it important to study theology?

Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, former president of Chicago Theological Seminary (1998-2008), has the answer: Ignorance is not bliss

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Hippolytus on infant baptism

‘Baptize first the children, and if they can speak for themselves let them do so.  Otherwise, let their parents or other relatives speak for them.’ ~ Hippolytus, The Apostolic Tradition 21:16 [A.D. 215]

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Photograph of the day: Lightning over Death Valley, California

Lightning strikes over a ridge as a storm passes though Death Valley National Park in California just after sunset.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.

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British thriller writer P.M. Hubbard

An excellent summary of the life and novels of P.M. Hubbard can be found here: The Power of Place: the Reclusive Worlds of P.M. Hubbard Scroll halfway down the page for an annotated bibliography.

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Pre-Malaysian novels in English set in Malaysia & Singapore

  An interesting list of pre-Malaysian novels in English set in Malaysia & Singapore

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Is drinking beer biblical?

It is insofar as it appears that ancient Israelites drank beer as well as wine.  Religion News Service reports: ‘Ancient Israelites drank not only wine but also beer, according to a biblical scholar at Xavier University, a Roman Catholic school … Continue reading

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Quote of the day: Pope Benedict XVI on the Church’s task

‘A Church that seeks to be particularly attractive is already on the wrong path, because the Church does not work for her own ends, she does not work to increase numbers and thus power.  The Church is at the service … Continue reading

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Melanie Phillips on the phony “war against drugs”

On Britain’s phony “war against drugs”: ‘It is the long-standing police strategy of treating dealers as criminals but users as victims which is largely behind the collapse of drug policy into a morass of mixed messages.  Given that one distinguished … Continue reading

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New British Labour Party leader openly atheist

Red Ed: I don’t do God, I don’t even believe in Him The new Labour leader revealed that he is not a man of faith, in contrast to his predecessors Gordon Brown and Tony Blair. Both Ed and David Miliband … Continue reading

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Does religion cause violence?

Does Religion Cause Violence?  Behind the common question lies a morass of unclear thinking by William T. Cavanaugh The division of ideologies and institutions into the categories “religious” and “secular” is an arbitrary and incoherent division.  When we examine academic … Continue reading

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Shocking ignorance of American Christians

Atheists, Agnostics Know The Most About Religion A new survey of Americans’ knowledge of religion found that atheists, agnostics, Jews and Mormons outperformed Protestants and Roman Catholics in answering questions about major religions, while many respondents could not correctly give … Continue reading

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Environmentalism as religion

  Environmentalism as religion by Joel Garreau

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Strange, hyperbolic New Atheist expression: “cramming religion down the throats of children”

Are we “cramming religion down our children’s throats”? by Karl Giberson Parents put lots of things down the throats of their children — religion, language, vegetables, ice cream, bacon, tofu, ideas of race, politics, gender and economics.  This complex mix … Continue reading

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Where does the term “theology” come from?

Keith Ward has the answer: ‘Theology’ was a term first used by Peter Abelard in the eleventh century for a systematic exposition of Christian doctrine.

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[Long] Quote of the day: John Milbank on the politics of atheism

‘Given the evidence that atheism itself can become a political program and seek to enact nihilism with dire results, should we not be worried about the gradual drift of the Labour party towards atheism, despite the genuine – though varied – pieties … Continue reading

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British Labour Party appoints its first openly atheist leader

Ed Miliband, despite being rather evasive on the subject of religion, is a genuine atheist.

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Alister McGrath: “God just hasn’t gone away”

‘If the “New Atheism” wanted to get a debate about religion under way, it certainly succeeded.  Suddenly, everyone wanted to talk about God.  Although the evidence suggests that the sudden emergence to prominence of the movement in 2006 took the … Continue reading

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An important article on the New Atheists

Reflections on the “New Atheism” by Alister McGrath

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Where did the term ‘New Atheism’ come from?

Alister McGrath has the answer: The term “New Atheism” was invented in 2006.  Gary Wolf was writing an article for Wired, a British magazine “for smart, intellectually curious people who need, and want, to know what’s next.”  He was looking … Continue reading

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