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Clark Pinnock on the purpose of Bible study

‘The purpose of Bible study is not to know the Scripture for its own sake, but to allow God to speak to you.’ ~ Clark Pinnock, late Professor of Theology, McMaster Divinity College, Hamilton, Ontario

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A fine tribute to Canadian theologian Clark Pinnock

In Memory of Clark Pinnock: A Ruthless Theologian by John Stackhouse

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It’s called begging the question

‘Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.  They do, do they?  And  how do we decide whether a claim is “extraordinary”?  Well, “it’s obvious” isn’t it?  Whatever is not considered “normal” in our society, of course! Is there any practical difference between this … Continue reading

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The lessons of history, or why atheists have no cause for self-righteousness

‘Christians who have had the power to use force to promote their doctrines have done so, with bad consequences.  Christians, however, are the ones who eventually learned their lesson and separated church and state.  If atheists become sufficiently powerful politically … Continue reading

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What every fundamentalist home needs

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Coffee good for you, could give you a long life — I knew it!

A daily cup of coffee could hold secret to long life A unique investigation into what helps people live to be 100 shows even those with high blood pressure are healthier after a daily cup of coffee.

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Be happy — go to church

A new study says that American women derive more happiness from religious services on Sunday than shopping.

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The liturgical Christ

‘We must not think of the future.  The prospects for a liturgical Christianity are poor.  From today’s perspective, the future model of the Christian religion seems to be that of a North American sect — the most frightful form religion … Continue reading

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