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Richard Dawkins’s backwards logic over atheist schools

Richard Dawkins’s belief that any properly brought up child will naturally be an atheist leads him into absurdity by Andrew Brown

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‘Join me beside the coffin marked Atheism. I fear, however, there will be very few mourners.’

‘When physicists speak of not only a strange universe, but one even stranger than we can possibly imagine, they articulate a sense of unfinished business that most neo-Darwinians don’t even want to think about.  Of course our brains are a … Continue reading

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Aggressive, partisan secularism enjoys all the rights

Error Enjoys All the Rights: The firing of Dr. Kenneth Howell by George Neumayr

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“Many atheists . . . haven’t a clue what true religion is all about”

‘Many atheists believe that all religion is at bottom either a pre-scientific attempt to understand natural phenomena through myth or an attempt to obtain worldly benefits through magic.  And since they see science as the antithesis of myth and magic … Continue reading

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