The ugly truth about Tibetan Buddhism: internal schisms, fist-fights, misogyny and an anti-gay Dalai Lama

The truth about Tibetan Buddhism by Brendan O’Neill

[The various schools of Tibetan Buddhism] have hot-headed disagreements and have even come to blows in recent years over which deities should be worshipped and which should not.  Religion of peace?  Yeah, right.

Tibetan Buddhism has a whole lotta hang-ups about gays and girls, too.  It says gay sex is “unnatural.” The Dalai Lama declared in a talk in Seattle in 1993, during one of his whistle stop, U2-style world tours, that “nature arranged male and female organs in such a manner that is very suitable . . . same-sex organs cannot manage well.”  (Someone needs to explain to His Holiness how gay people get it on.)

And as Bernard Faure of Columbia University says: “Like most clerical discourses, Buddhism is . . . relentlessly misogynist.”  So while Tibetan women can become nuns, they can’t advance nearly as far as men.  Because according to Buddhist teachings it is impossible for women to become “the perfectly rightfully Enlightened One,” “the Universal Monarch,” “the King of Gods,” “the King of Death,” or “Brahmaa”—the five highest, holiest positions in Buddhism.

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