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‘The Zionism of Man vs. the Zionism of God’

‘The Zionism of God sovereignly raised Israel from the ashes, resurrected a dead language, preserved a remnant of Jewish believers and will one day fulfill every prophecy concerning Zion.  The Zionism of Man buys tanks for secular Israel, applauds its … Continue reading

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Book Review: ‘The Halcyon Dislocation’ by Peter Kazmaier

‘The Halcyon Dislocation’ by Peter Kazmaier Peter Kazmaier is a research scientist in Mississauga and this is his first novel, a science fiction story taking place in a parallel universe.  Due to a laboratory accident an island campus of university … Continue reading

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Hitchens on modern atheism

‘Soviet power had taken on the responsibilities of God, but its commandments were very different.  In fact, Soviet Communism used the same language, treasured the same hopes and appealed to the same constituency as Western atheism does today.  Soviet power … Continue reading

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For your listening pleasure: Kemper Crabb

Kemper Crabb – The All Father Litany Kemper Crabb – Candle Flame

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One of the best philosophy of religion bloggers . . .

Is: Edward Feser

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