DVD Review: ‘Resurrection’ & ‘Evil’ by N. T. Wright

‘Resurrection’ & ‘Evil’ by N. T. Wright

Both these DVDs (50 minutes each) are excellent, as one would expect from N.T. (Tom) Wright.  Filmed in Israel, England, Greece and South Africa, they are visually interesting — though the weather in Israel seems unusually chilly!  As ever, Tom Wright uses his great gift of explaining theology in everyday, practical language that anyone can understand.  In Resurrection he takes us through both the historical sequence of events and their theological meaning, showing the harmony and unity between the two.

In Evil he discusses the power of evil and shows that it is more than just moral lapses due to not trying hard enough.  Rather, evil is a power that pulls us all in the wrong direction: away from God.  He then explains how Jesus took the power of evil upon himself on the cross, dealt it a decisive blow and overcame it to inaugurate his new kingdom ethic — a kingdom that is “already” and “not yet.”

I highly recommend these two DVDs.  Each is split into four distinct segments and comes with a study guide, making it ideal for group viewing and discussion.  [The Evil DVD has explicit content so is unsuitable for children.]

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